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10 tips for relaxing at home


How to relax at home? This is a huge question that we will try to answer today.

Rest assured, you are not the only one who has to deal with stress on a daily basis. The exhausting pace you have to lead each day inevitably impacts your ability to let go and relax. More and more irritable, you tend to be a bit on the defensive lately. Stress at work, the race between your professional life and your private life, the current health situation or even lack of sleep to name but a few examples are all good reasons to throw everything away. Yes because it has to be said, sometimes it gets bored!

The good news is that here you will find lots of simple and effective tips that will save you 3 weekly sessions with the shrink! You will finally find yourself, recharge your batteries. Hello calm, inner peace and serenity, goodbye worry, irritability and anxiety!


Take care of your body to fight against stress

 There are many times in life when it feels like you just can't handle anything. Everything is going too fast. Everything becomes insurmountable.

Yet you are still this wonderful and courageous woman. You are just a little worn and tired. I might surprise you, but you have the right to be stressed, you have the right to be exhausted, and you also have the right to take time to recharge your batteries. Yes, yes, I assure you. You don't have to feel guilty or selfish, it's human and natural to need a break. Taking care of your body is a way to give yourself these little moments of relaxation to do yourself good.


Taking care of your body also means taking care of your mind, because the body and the nervous system are closely linked. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of rest and relaxation to be able to completely let go and rejuvenate yourself.


Tip n ° 1: relaxing massage

 To soothe you, nothing like massages. You're going to have to convince your husband to get your hands dirty, or rather with your hands in the sweet almond oil. But, with good arguments, there is no reason he refuses. If he is reluctant, negotiate a massage for 1 week of laundry or dishes (knowing that you will offer your children to do these stains for a few euros ... if you think about it ... everyone is a winner right ?!) .


Massages have this ability to work on both body and mind. Choose a mild, fragrant oil like argan oil, sweet almond oil, or coconut oil. You can also find in stores, in pharmacies or in organic stores, natural oils dedicated to massages made with plants with relaxing, soothing and calming virtues.


Massages should be done on all muscle areas that tend to clink glasses with stress and anxiety, such as the neck or back for example.


Tip 2: body care

Another relaxation technique, also linked to the benefit of plants, is body care. A good hot bath is worthy of the best therapies! Thanks to this zen and cocooning atmosphere recreated at home, you will succeed in completely relaxing. It is important to take care of yourself, it allows you to relieve the stress of the day, to regain a certain serenity and to look pretty in the mirror at the same time.


Calm and relaxing, the treatment will relax the body. Take the time to make yourself a scrub, to wax, to make a mask, a facial treatment, to pass yourself a moisturizing or refreshing cream. Finish your little ritual with a nice make-up, a nail polish and a little perfume. Magnify it all with a casual and feminine outfit and you will come out of your bathroom completely transformed! 


Tip # 3: the nap

 Ah, the nap. Child, it is authorized, old, it is authorized, but then strangely, between 20 and 50 years, one is punished of rest during the day! However, we are considered as "active population", we have the right to take a little break from time to time anyway, right ?!

LCI Journal published an article on the importance of the nap and its positive psychological and cognitive impact. And Bam ! After that, if you are criticized for anything, you will have a point to make!

After a nap, people are more confident, perform better and have better memories. According to a 2008 study by INPES (National Institute for Prevention and Education for Health), 17% of French people aged 25 to 45 accumulate delayed sleep every night. And all of this was long before the smartphone boom, junk TV and its debilitating broadcasts, the breathless planet, melting ice floes and the shattering arrival of covid-19. This tells you if there are good reasons to lose sleep!

So yes, a little nap from time to time to perk up, it does the greatest good. It should be neither too long nor too short. Doctors and the scientific community recommend according to a health article published a few years ago a 10-minute nap. To give yourself a little hint, you can lie down with your house or car keys in your hand. Let your hand hang lightly from your seat, armchair, sofa, or bed if you're luckier. When the keys fall, your mind falls into a deeper sleep. Before that cycle kicks in, it's time to reap the benefits of lighter sleep and get up (gently, don't panic!).


Opt for Zen atmospheres

 Tip # 4: Meditation

 Meditation and mindfulness help to better manage daily life, but also to fight against chronic stress. Meditation is mainly based on breathing exercises (inspiration and expiration) and relaxation exercises. It is as if with each breath you release negative tension and fill yourself with positive vibes.


As a bonus on board, you may find yourself thinking that practicing meditation is too difficult for you or worse, that you need to be a little perched to get there and that you are not. Meditation ... it's not for you! That's what I told myself as well. And then one day I ended up testing. My brain is always spinning at 1000 an hour. I never managed to turn my mind off. For me, that was mediation, getting your brain to pause and it was mission impossible.

But I finally discovered that there is more to meditation than a lack of thought. The important thing is to take time for yourself. Meditation relaxes your body and mind as you try to focus your attention on your breathing. Do not put yourself under pressure, you will obviously have lots of thinking about coming and jostling at the gates. Let them come and go, as they came, without warning or warning. Then refocus on your inhale and exhale again. To relieve stress, you should not block your thoughts, but let them out. Your mind becomes a simple channel. Thoughts come and go again. You will see that you will finally be able to free yourself from the stress that invades you.

This technique will only take you a few minutes a day. Once mastered, you can put it in place as soon as you feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety or overwork. You will find it easier to understand daily life in a serene and relaxed manner.


Tip n ° 5: Essential oils ...


Essential oils contain active ingredients and hundreds of volatile molecules which, when they enter the body, play a soothing role on the body and mind. Essential oils can therefore be a real ally for your mental health!

The top 5 essential oils to have at home:

* Lemon verbena: it promotes sleep.

You can put a few drops on the solar plexus and your wrists or inhale it before going to bed.

* noble chamomile: antispasmodic, it helps to better manage stress and anxiety attacks.

You should inhale the oil directly as soon as you feel the need to it (under severe stress).

* true lavender: it regulates anxiety and helps to relax.

After diluting the true lavender oil in vegetable oil, 20 drops per 100 ml (macadamia oil, coconut oil, etc.) you can apply your preparation directly to the solar plexus. You can also inhale true lavender mixed with lemon verbena.

* ylang-ylang: hypertension, nervousness.

In case of great stress, you can pour one or two drops on the solar plexus and on the wrists. You can also inhale the aroma of the oil on your wrist. It is perfect for relaxing in a nice hot bath. In this case, you must dilute it in a bath preparation (bubble bath, shower gel, etc.) at a rate of 20 drops per 100 ml.

* neroli: stage fright, insomnia, nervous tension and hyperactivity.

Very effective in inhalation, you just need to inhale the oil directly from the bottle as many times as you feel the need to achieve calm.


Tip n ° 6 Two herbal teas for better sleep:

Herbal teas are renowned for their effectiveness on sleep.

* poppy tea: it acts on sleep disorders and soothes anxiety and nervousness

* passionflower herbal tea: it soothes stress and prepares the brain for sleep to promote falling asleep and a calmer, more restful sleep.

* lime blossom tea: it has calming and sedative properties that help calm anxiety and promote sleep.


The soothing virtues of music

 Tip # 7: the power of music

 In 2020, WHO released a report on the effects of music and art in general on the brain, health and well-being.

It turns out that music, like exercise, food or sex, releases a hormone called dopamine. This hormone is dubbed the feel good hormone and rightly so. Dopamine soothes, calms and relaxes our bodies.

According to an article in Science Avenir, music therefore has a positive impact on anxiety, pain and blood pressure.

Listen to music regularly and vary the styles. Rhythmic music can give you a boost or help you regain motivation, classical music on the contrary soothes you and calms your mind. You can also put on a background music to help you concentrate, during breakfast, during your bath or your household chores.


Tip # 8: Start the day with a song.

When the alarm clock rings, send the music! It will be much easier to get out of bed. And then, why not sing along for breakfast! You will probably have a hard time getting started the first time around, you will say to yourself "in the shower, go again, but in the middle of the kitchen for breakfast ... my children would not survive it"! But you'll see, you just have to give it a go to enjoy it. It's like sweeping or vacuuming a good old rock, it turns out one of those potatoes!

You will feel like a little silly, but it will make you smile softly. To be relaxed and happy, there is nothing better than starting the day with a smile. Seeing you so fulfilled and sparkling, your family will surely forgive you for your few wrong notes!


The family, your best well-being resource


Family is a very important part of your life. It is your source of happiness. Use and abuse family time, it's a real makeover.

 Tip # 9: Family games

Today, the trend is more for crossings in the hallway than for family meals. The hectic pace of everyday life and the arrival of smartphones in the lives of our teens have got the better of our privileged relationships. So we have to put some order in all of this and learn or relearn how to spend time together: laughing, discovering each other, discussing and sharing.

Board games are a great way to strengthen family ties. They allow you to come together in the same room, which is already a small victory in itself, and to share a real quality moment with all the members of the family.

Little by little, you rediscover yourself, you take the time to savor the present moment and it is only happiness.

Outdoor games are also very popular with young and old alike. Remember the famous burlap bag and the bag race, giggles guaranteed!

A game of football, hide and seek, a card game, a mime game or even a theatrical improvisation to have fun imitating family members are doing a lot of good. Take full advantage of your family and recharge your batteries. 


Tip # 10: fall back into childhood

Need to de-stress, nothing like relapsing into childhood! You will see that in order to let go, there is nothing more effective. Throw a duffel battle in the bedroom, or take advantage of the sunny days to be the investigator of a 3e world war in your own backyard! Prepare ammunition, water guns, supply areas, hiding places and shelters and 3, 2, 1… all on daddy! Bonzaaaaaaaaaï !!!!

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