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Good in his body to be good in his head!


The hustle and bustle of everyday life, an XXL schedule that never passes over a 24-hour day, running between work, school and children's sports, all this begins to seriously affect your morale (and your nerves!) Without counting shopping and other household chores….

Stop. Take a break, give yourself a few minutes to take the time to discover this article full of good advice and find your little bubble of pleasure that makes you so good!

Taking care of yourself is not a selfish act, quite the contrary. It is a necessary and vital act to be happy and to be able to take care of others. Making time for yourself and letting go is as vital as the oxygen you breathe. No, I'm not adding more!

Okay ... okay, maybe a little bit. Let's say it's at least as vital as your morning coffee to wake you up!

If you are here, it is because you would not be against 2 or 3 ideas for recharging your batteries. First of all, know that body and mind are two inseparable partners in life. To feel good in your head and good in your sneakers, you have to take care of both!

Pampering your body is like applying a soothing balm to your brain.

So, take a few squares of dark chocolate (no guilt to be had, it's full of magnesium and very good for your morale), make yourself comfortable and discover our little daily tips to feel good in your body ... and good in your body. her head ! 


Tip # 1: practice physical activities

The benefits of sport on your morale

 Your mental health depends in part on your physical activity. There, you are saying to yourself "first advice, first disappointment ...", you have no desire to get into sport!

It is true that in our society, sport has a bad image. We are convinced that you have to suffer and sweat for hours to be able to say to girlfriends: "I play sports! ". But, doing a physical activity can also be a real pleasure. Yes, yes, I assure you. When you exercise, you produce dopamine. This magical little ingredient in your body is a hormone. Also known as the wellness hormone, it has a calming and stress relieving effect on your mind. Nice, isn't it?

Then there are as many possible sports as there are possible profiles. Take the time to find the one that's right for you.

Why not try Nordic walking to enjoy a walk in the fresh air or even try Zumba to wiggle your hips to music. You will see, it feels great! If you need to exercise, there is boxing, running or rollerblading. If you like calmer activities, why not try aqua aerobics, or rock climbing? 

You need to find the right time in your schedule to get the most out of this session. You will quickly realize that these few weekly sessions are very rewarding. Physical activity helps tone the body, but it also helps clear the mind. You release your stress, worries, doubts and fears. Sport is a valuable ally for your health, but it also has an impact on your well-being.

How about trying Yoga?

Yoga is a real benefactor for your body and your mind. A few minutes a day are enough to boost your tone, improve your flexibility, learn to manage stress and breathe better. It also helps improve concentration and memory, get better quality sleep and improve self-confidence.

“By being better with oneself, one is better with the world”, say the great yogists.

Yoga postures combined with breathing have a very decisive effect on your state of mind. You are more relaxed and you manage to better control your daily anxieties. Yoga is like airing out your home. You open the windows, you let out the dust-laden air, humidity and bad smells to bring in clean, fresh air. During your yoga session, it is your body and mind that you cleanse on a daily basis. These relaxation exercises help you find inner peace. You feel calmed and stronger to face the outside world.

The practice of yoga today is greatly facilitated by technology. If going to a private lesson or a group lesson is too complex to set up according to your personal constraints, there are several very easy-to-access smartphone apps for practicing at home. The best thing is to do your session in the morning, after breakfast.

Yoga can be part of your new daily rituals. Put your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier and enjoy the benefits of yoga all day long.

 To feel beautiful to have self-confidence

Nothing like a good massage or a session at the beautician to get back in shape and your legendary good mood!

As I said, pampering your body is a bit like applying a calming cream to your mind. It is important to know how to do yourself good.

 Body care and facials: your new makeover

Have you ever wanted to privatize the bathroom? Go ahead, now is the time to do yourself some good. Tell the whole family that you are unavailable for an indefinite period!

After a hot bath or shower, scrub, apply a cream for sensitive skin, moisturizers, do a manicure session with a nail polish, take the time necessary to apply a lotion for dry skin, a face mask, shea butter in your hair and perfume yourself with a gentle floral water.

You will see, natural cosmetics and vegetable oils have a real relaxing power. This gentle break is a real makeover for your body and mind. To take care of others, you have to know how to take care of yourself from time to time. It's not selfish, don't beat yourself up. This cocooning bubble is necessary to be able to face everyday life more serenely. After that, you will see that you will feel beautiful and radiant. With a smile on your face, you will be armed to go about your daily tasks. You will feel more rested and fitter to take care of your family.

 The beautician, your new shrink!

For a moment of absolute relaxation, use and abuse essential oils and the Zen atmospheres of beauty institutes. Hot stone massages, modeling, hammam, thalasso, spa, relaxing treatments, balneotherapy or even sauna and reflexology are each in their own way a real well-being gift for your morale.

Body treatments offer you a relaxing break in your daily life. They allow you to recharge your batteries and create that little bubble of scented sweetness that you need so much at times.

If your budget is tight, you can also recreate that vibe at home. If you have a bathtub, arrange candles and aromatic diffusers, put on a background of soft music and leave a small gourmet tray close at hand. Relax and enjoy the moment with full awareness. Get away from it all, relax and enjoy the moment.

After this serenity ritual, do a facial treatment and use argan oil on the body or an Aloe Vera moisturizer. Massage your body and apply your oil from the neck to the arch of the foot. Treat yourself to a sensory journey worthy of a wellness institute!

Finish with a make-up session. Make yourself beautiful and above all, indulge yourself!

Find the look that highlights you and makes you feel good

When you are comfortable in your sneakers you feel beautiful, smiling and you just want to ... take a bite out of life!

You have to find the dress style that suits you. Feeling beautiful and feminine allows you to gain self-confidence. How you look at others is as important as your self-esteem. If short skirts and deep necklines aren't your cup of tea, don't panic, you can find cute pants and colorful little tops in which you will feel perfectly comfortable and feminine.

All women are real goddesses on stiletto heels. These shoes enhance the silhouette, lengthen the legs and offer curves to fall. But, let's be honest, nature hasn't spoiled us all in the same way. Not all women are comfortable on these stilts. Some have a slender gait and wander elegantly while for others it is a nameless ordeal.

If, like me, you are one of those who look like a circus elephant on these devilish pumps, don't force yourself! Ridicule does not kill… but it damages the ankles and seriously jeopardizes your ego! Find a practical and feminine style that suits you. If you have a cute smile on your face when you admire yourself in the mirror ... it's done!

 A healthy mind in a healthy body

 Restful sleep

Sleep deprivation can have serious consequences. Many experiments have been carried out on the subject, in particular in 1964 by an American student. They all agree with the fact that a significant lack of sleep causes cognitive impairment and memory impairment.

Without going to these extremes, a slight lack of sleep every night for several months can also have a negative impact on your well-being. You are tired and irritable. You have trouble concentrating and you are increasingly prone to memory loss. Lack of sleep can also affect motivation and mood, as for benevolence ... we forget!

To take care of your body and your mind, you must find the right compromise between your professional and personal constraints and your need for sleep. Try to go to bed at the same time as often as possible and avoid screens, because smartphones, tablets and even television are the number 1 enemy of sleep! Here again, many blue light studies have been carried out and demonstrate how harmful it can be. It delays falling asleep and the sleep cycle is much more restless.

Swap your session on social networks for a good valerian herbal tea, you will see that the little clouds, the pink elephants and the slime on the pillow will very quickly become part of your nights!

Also, don't hesitate to take a nap when you feel like it and you have half an hour ahead of you. This little break is not given only to our elders, but to everyone who needs it, quite simply.

Food: Eating well is the beginning of happiness!

Taking care of yourself also means paying special attention to what you eat.

Food is your body's fuel. Would you dare to put watery diesel in your car on the way to work? The answer (hopefully for you) is of course no! You would be unlikely to make it to the office on time, and the mechanics could take a serious hit.

Well, your body is the same. The human body is nothing more than a complex machine that needs to be taken care of if everything is to work.

If you feed him meals that are too big, unbalanced, loaded with preservatives and whatnot ... he suffocates, gets exhausted and slows down. Fatigue wins you over and you lack motivation and drive in all of your activities. The smallest daily task becomes a constraint.

Our body is essentially made up of water. This is why it is essential for the proper functioning of your body to drink enough quantities. The mojito is good for morale, but it is still with 1.5L of water that I advise you to hydrate it.

Also take care of your body by eating a healthy and balanced diet. You will avoid the extra pounds, but not only.

A diet too rich in sugar or fat is difficult for our body to digest and process. The body stores the surplus, but it also gets tired a lot. If you feel tired and exhausted after a meal, it's because your plate was too big or out of balance and too heavy for your stomach to digest ...

As we have already mentioned, body and mind are closely linked. They are even dependent on each other. When your body is limp, tired, heavy, you don't want anything, you lose motivation and your good mood. Difficult to cope with everyday life in these conditions ...


To take care of yourself, take care of your body and make time for yourself. This little break is a precious moment that allows you to feel better in your head, at ease in your body and available to be the Wonder Woman of your family!

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