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Musical nasal aspirator for babies
A CLEAN NOSE FOR YOUR BABY! The mucous membrane of the nose of a baby under 6 years old is very thin and requires a professional nasal suction device to keep it clean and help him breathe easier. A smart,...
31,99 EUR
Portable retractable folding stools
This folding stool is super practical. It opens and folds in a fraction of a second with just one hand. It is made of degradable polymer plastic, unlike the bad stretch stools on the market. Resistant materials for long term...
29,99 EUR
Ultrasonic skin scrub
Benefits: Activates the skin: Our scrub allows you to improve the regenerative capacity and permeability of skin cells, while avoiding any damage and side effects on the skin. Deep cleansing: Our scrub allows for a deep cleansing and decomposition of...
29,99 EUR
Ergonomic Vertical Mouse - AIDAN WHITE - Black
Do you suffer from pain or discomfort in your hand, wrist, arm or shoulder? With the Ergonomic Vertical Mouse - AIDAN WHITE, you can work or study effortlessly for hours at the office or at home. Its vertical configuration allows...
19,99 EUR
Anti-sand beach mat - AIDAN WHITE - Blue
Made from two layers of polyurethane, the Anti-sand beach mat - AIDAN WHITE instantly filters the sand as soon as it hits the surface. The specially woven polyurethane acts as a one-way filter to prevent re-emergence of sand. Perfect for...
29,99 EUR
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