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Smart watch: efficient and stylish - Blue
Also known under the name of "connected watch" the "smart watch" or "SmartWatch" in English, is an accessory widely used nowadays. To put it simply, this is a watch that has computer functionality. This means that you will have operation...
86,98 EUR 59,99 EUR
The Y5 sports watch, both useful and trendy - Black
Are you an amateur or professional athlete? Do you like to dress properly when you do your morning jog? Or do you simply like to be reassured about your state of health? Buy the Y5 watch to make your job...
46,86 EUR 32,99 EUR
Smart watch for children - Red dual camera
Touch screen: capacitive touch screen SIM card: 2G SIM card supported Small flashlight to display in dark places SOS button in case of emergency Integrated camera Remote monitoring to keep your child safe Built-in microphone for two-way communication LBS positioning Parents...
67,87 EUR 46,99 EUR
Stylish and practical smart watch - Rose Gold
Do you like to play sports as a usual activity? Looking for a way to better coordinate your exercise while monitoring your health? So, immediately think about buying this smart watch because it will be very useful for you. A...
58,71 EUR 39,99 EUR
HW11 GPS Smart Watch for Kids - Blue
Are you looking for a nice gift to give to your child to make him happy? Do you also want to be able to locate your little one at all times to ensure their safety and know what they are...
72,83 EUR 53,99 EUR
Electric eyebrow epilator pen format - Rose gold
Your electric pen-style eyebrow epilator If you like to take care of yourself, you definitely mean you plucking eyebrows. However, it will not always be simple to remove small hairs with your tweezers! You will often have difficulty catching them...
32,78 EUR 19,99 EUR
Lumbar support - Dark purple
  Pain will no longer be a problem for you thanks to this lumbar support! Combining creative magnetic therapy and Chinese acupuncture, this lumbar support offers spectacular experiences for your lumbar back pain relief. The lumbar support has three different...
24,99 EUR
Baby carrier - Khaki
Keep your baby safe Our baby carrier consists of carrying your child against you rather than placing them in a stroller. It is a simple and comfortable accessory that promotes your child's development, it also frees your hands for certain...
31,99 EUR
Pet nail clippers - Blue
Name: hellojoy pet nail clippersModel: Blue trumpet Pink trumpet Blue large Pink largeMaterial: Stainless steel   
19,99 EUR
Jar opener
End all your pain! Introducing our Jar Opener, the first innovative kitchen gadget that adapts perfectly to your bottles, jars and jar so you can open them much easier than before without feeling those horrible pains. No more risk of...
12,99 EUR
Posture corrector - Black
STAND UP, ADOPT THE RIGHT POSTURE AND WALK WITH YOUR HEAD UP! Do you suffer from sagging and curvature, upper and lower shoulder pain, neck and back pain? Back Posture Corrector is a simple, non-surgical way to comfortably correct and...
17,99 EUR
Fitness balance board - Green
Our lightweight, portable balance and workout board provides a twisting and pivoting action that engages your core, improves balance, posture, and tones your abs and legs. The non-slip surface increases grip when using the board and the rounded base allows...
36,99 EUR
Knife Sharpener with Suction Cup - Blue
The essential gadget for your kitchen! Our product allows you to extend the life of your cutlery and effectively increase your cutting power. This kitchen knife sharpening system is a quick and easy way to sharpen the blade of a...
29,99 EUR 18,99 EUR
Cervical Massager
Relieve your stiffness and tensions with our therapeutic masseur. Equipped with different intelligent modes, it will directly act in depth on your joints to free you from recurring pain. It will also act on the entire metabolism of the body to fight against stress...
45,99 EUR
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