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We are Anabelle and Olivier, partners in life and now in business. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, we fight chaos and destruction in our own way, by creating new life and an innovative e-shop that binds us to all other human beings, beyond borders !

It is at the heart of a sad and strange time when the smiles of children are obstructed by masks, where the simplest pleasures of life are no longer accessible and where all humans struggle to find a true meaning overnight, that AIDAN WHITE was born.
AIDAN WHITE is an online store specifically designed for everyone and designed step by step with you, based on everyone's essential and non-essential needs!  Together, we create a “universal wish list”, tailor-made to what you need, what you absolutely need, which will fill you with pleasure or arouse your curiosity.

 By your side, we have the firm will to enrich two fundamental foundations of life; well-being and better living!  Our vision is simple. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we have the real desire to forge a real bond with our community.  

Our mission is transparent. At AIDAN WHITE, every fortnight, our catalog is enriched with your most classic expectations and your most original desires ...

For you and thanks to you, AIDAN WHITE exclusively offers articles that will be essential to you on a daily basis, useful occasionally or really satisfactory at the time! 

Are you looking for a specific product?
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Anabelle and Olivier
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