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Interactive smart watch

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Do you like jewelry, high technology and watches? Are you athletic and looking for a smartwatch that acts as a heart monitor to track your performance? This model of smart watch is totally made to beautify your wrist, while giving you the benefit of many interactive functions that monitor your health.

Jewel and heart monitor

Encrusted with precious stones and beautifully finished, this smartwatch is a real gem and a compendium of high technology. It contains sensors that allow it to continuously monitor and display the heart rate. Plus, it records and analyzes data to assess your overall health. This smartwatch even monitors the duration and quality of your sleep based on your heart rate. Indeed, it displays the distribution between your levels of sleep, deep and light. This monitoring function is also very useful for athletes who want to know their performance and their oxygenation levels, in order to progress during their training sessions.

Interactive smart watch

This specially designed watch for ladies combines beauty, refinement and high technology. It can be connected to a smartphone app for better health monitoring. You will be able to adapt your lifestyle to be even more resplendent and in good physical shape.



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