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Small format electric laser epilator

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The mini-format electric laser epilator

If you have more or less hair, you will definitely want to remove your body hair to find soft skin easily. You have most certainly tried depilatory creams, razors or the electric epilator. Some solutions are more effective than others, but you will need to take some time to achieve lasting waxing success. Indeed, most of the methods will allow you to find a soft skin but not to keep it.

Our shop has therefore selected an article for you to help you find the rare pearl more easily by starting by discovering our electric laser epilator in mini format!

A practical accessory to use

This electric laser epilator is a very easy to use accessory. Its mini size allows you to easily pick it up for use on many areas of your body. Whether for the legs or your armpits, you can place your device against your skin to treat hair effectively. The LCD screen of this electric laser epilator allows you to access device information very easily before use. This will allow you, for example, to check the mode. You can use an automatic mode of the epilator or choose the manual mode which can allow you to adapt the power of the device according to the areas of skin to be treated.

Progressive and lasting efficiency

Using this electric laser epilator will allow you to enjoy long-lasting hair removal that will delay hair regrowth by gradually destroying the bulbs.
Here is the evolution you can benefit from using this epilator:
  • Month 1; regrowth from 3 to 5 days
  • Month 2: regrowth after 7 days
  • Month 3: regrowth after 15 days
  • Month 4: regrowth after 30 days

So if you want to remove your hair quickly and above all for a long time, do not hesitate to use this electric laser epilator which will help you treat your skin. You will no longer need to use a device causing pain, the pulsed light will allow you to use an effective technique to enjoy your soft skin.

What there is to know

Hair is often an unwanted element that you try to remove through different hair removal sessions. You can use a razor, cream or an electric epilator to get your skin soft. However, these solutions will not allow you to permanently remove these hairs because they will come back more or less quickly depending on the method used.

So how do you get rid of your hair effectively?

You can use a new method like the laser epilator to successfully regain soft skin for days and even weeks! If you are unfamiliar with how the laser epilator works, we can help you learn about this device so you can use it easily and make sure it meets your expectations.

We have prepared an article to introduce you to this technology and help you use your laser epilator effectively to regain soft skin very quickly, so don't wait any longer to read on!

Presentation of the laser epilator

First, it is important to introduce yourself to the laser epilator to help you understand how it works. It works like the electric epilator by attacking directly at the root of the hair for proper removal. The laser will produce heat to destroy the root of the hair while acting in depth. In this way, the coagulation effect at the root of the hair will allow progressive permanent hair removal to be established on the treated areas.

By using the laser epilator you will be able to permanently destroy the hair and keep skin soft for the long term. This effective technology is therefore a very good solution if you want to gradually reduce your sessions by getting rid of unwanted hair once and for all.

Why use a laser epilator?

If you're interested in this technology, you might be wondering if it might be right for you before investing in a laser epilator. Anyone can use this device to destroy hairs but remember that it will be much more effective on dark hairs because they can pick up the laser light very quickly. However, it will be important to take some precautions, for example by thinking of limiting your exposure to the sun during your laser session to protect your skin.

One device for all profiles

You can therefore embark on this new method whatever your profile in order to begin to permanently eliminate your hair. However, they will not leave definitively from the first session. Indeed, after your first session you will have to wait about 5 weeks to redo a session. You will then have to wait 6 weeks until the third session.

Finally, you can space the sessions from 2 to 3 months between the other sessions to continue to permanently eliminate the hairs still growing on the treated areas. You will only have to perform maintenance sessions when you see some hairs growing back.

So if you want to use a practical solution for long-lasting epilating without having to schedule regular sessions to keep skin soft, we strongly recommend that you adopt the laser epilator technique. To do this, you just need to equip yourself with your device to do your sessions directly at home.



Our tips for using your laser epilator

You do not know which device to choose for epilating? Our shop offers you to use the laser epilator that we present to you. This will allow you to use a reliable and durable device that can very easily adapt to all profiles.

Indeed, it is important to personalize your sessions without forgetting that this goes first and foremost through the functionalities of the device. You will need to adhere to a few details regarding the conduct of each session by properly using your device at home. We have therefore prepared some tips for you to help you optimize your laser hair removal sessions.

Easy use of your device

First of all, even if your device will be less powerful than in a salon, you will need to take precautions to protect yourself. So avoid looking at the light directly in the eyes because the laser remains quite powerful. You may benefit from a safety that will trigger the laser only on contact with your skin, but that should not prevent you from paying attention to your eyesight.

Then, between sessions, avoid using devices that pull out the hair. You can use a razor or cream between sessions if you need to. This will prevent you from slowing down the effects of your laser epilator by choosing the right methods.

Before starting your session at home, you will need to think about how well the power of the device is adapted to your skin, your hair and your needs. Our article will therefore allow you to make the various settings or use an automatic mode to let you guide. We advise you to make different tests to find the parameters that suit you best by taking advantage of the options of our laser epilator.

Remember to prepare your skin by shaving the hairs a few days before and plugging in the device. Do the necessary tests or set up your device for the area you want to treat and apply it directly to your skin. Take your time to epilate your entire area, letting the device work on your hair with each activation. You will be able to treat the desired area in a few moments and see the first results!

All you have to do is wait for the next session to treat your hair again and remove it sustainably while taking the time to respect your skin. So don't wait any longer to equip yourself with our laser epilator, which will allow you to find lasting soft skin. You will take the time to customize the power of the device according to the sessions and the areas to be treated. Its reliability will allow you to use it without fear and to successfully remove your hair to enjoy your soft skin!

Characteristics : 

  • Type: laser epilator • Color: pink, white
  • Levels: manual and automatic
  • Durability: 600,000 flashes
  • Power: 110 - 240 V
  • LCD screen

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