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Smartwatch for children with full interactive functions

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Are you looking for an educational, practical and safe gift idea for your child? Do you also want to give her a fashion accessory that is trendy and interactive? The manufacturing quality of this smartwatch and its design specially chosen for children will meet all your expectations. It offers a wide range of modes, including GSM, GPS, LBS, BDS, AGPS and wifi, to perform many functions.

A real smartwatch to keep your child

This model of smartwatch has a SIM port for making phone calls and exchanging messages. This will allow you to communicate with your child at any time. In addition, an integrated GPS function also guarantees you can locate your toddler at all times. In the event of an emergency, all they need to do is use the SOS function to alert you. This is particularly useful for ensuring his safety and making you feel more reassured when he leaves the house.

A concentrate of educational functions

This smartwatch also offers wifi and many educational games, as well as all the essential functions of a smartwatch to gradually awaken your child to social life. Its large screen allows him to enjoy a chat feature to communicate with his friends, interactive games, a pedometer, multimedia applications and many other basic functions.

Smartwatch for children with full interactive functions
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