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H1, a watch that combines intelligence and trend

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Some women play sports to stay fit and in better health. However, being sporty will not mean leaving aside everything that is fashion accessory. It is indeed possible to have a stylish look with different up-to-date accessories.

For a sporty and stylish look

The most popular fashion accessories on the market are bracelets and watches. On their own, they can make a woman more elegant and classy. Following this observation, the designers designed the H2 smartwatch for sporty women. As it will often be worn during physical activities, it is light, practical, comfortable and simple. Thanks to its originality, it brings more pep to a sports outfit. Either way, it's not just made for sports, but also fits the classy look.

A real gem and a gadget

This new product combines fashion with health and technology. The H2 smartwatch for women will allow its owner not only to monitor daily calorie intake, heart rate, but also to count the steps taken. During sports sessions, it is also possible to receive calls or read messages using it. Being very waterproof, wearing it in the rain or swimming with it is not a problem.


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