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The Y5 sports watch, both useful and trendy

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Are you an amateur or professional athlete? Do you like to dress properly when you do your morning jog? Or do you simply like to be reassured about your state of health? Buy the Y5 watch to make your job easier.

Advanced technology

Y5 is blessed with advanced technology options: Bluetooth connection, compatibility with the best operating systems for smartphones, waterproofing, etc. These qualities come together to increasingly facilitate access to new products. In addition, its design has been designed to charm the most difficult. Obviously, a stopwatch and an alarm system are there. This smart bracelet is intended for athletes of all kinds, beginners or experienced. It has a data storage memory.

An effective means of health surveillance

What could be more reassuring than knowing that you are in good health? The Y5 watch was created so that you are informed in time in the event of abnormalities in order to rectify your lifestyle. It is equipped with a heart rate sensor, a sleep monitor and a recorder for the sports exercises performed. At the same time, the bracelet provides more specific information like blood pressure or blood oxygen saturation.






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