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Zelot B22, stereo headset and wireless bluetooth microphone

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Do you like to accompany your days with your favorite pieces of music? Are you now looking for a headset that combines design and high quality sound? This Zelot B22 model will delight you with its first choice materials, its elegant finish and its listening comfort. Foldable and taking up little space, it will accompany you everywhere.

elegant Zelot B22, Bluetooth stereo for computers and smartphones

Beautifully finished, this wireless stereo headset will allow you to remain free to move around, while listening to your music from your smartphone or MP3 player. From a computer, it also allows you to enjoy the sound quality of a movie or video game, thanks to high fidelity rendering. The latter is provided by Bluetooth 5.0 technology and an innovative structure at the ears. These are fully covered and insulated, to enjoy optimal listening quality and comfort.

Convenient functions with stereo sound

Thanks to this headset, you can enjoy your musical moments serenely, without risking missing a call or a message on your smartphone. Indeed, the Zelot B22 is easy to pair with smartphones. It is equipped with a microphone to answer calls and even allows you to redial the last number, at the touch of a button. Buttons are also available to easily control the volume of sound from the headset, without having to intervene on your smartphone or computer.

Zelot B22, stereo headset and wireless bluetooth microphone
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