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Jump rope with counter

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When you jump, the counter goes off and counts the laps!

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The jump rope with counter is the ideal accessory for sports training but also for challenges with friends!

Who will score the best? Who will explode the skipping rope records? 

Our training rope saves you from having to worry about limited space, it is safe, quiet and easy to use.

Our jump rope is suitable for different groups of people. You can adjust the rope to the most comfortable length. Or, if there is not enough space, you can use wireless jump mode.

The jump rope handle is made of ABS, and the surface is non-slip. If necessary, simply wipe the surface with an alcohol wipe.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor sports, wireless mode can be selected for small indoor space and wired for outdoor, which is convenient and space saving.

Improve your physical condition in a fun way 

  • Jump rope with counter, the counter activates as soon as you jump,
  • Reset button,
  • Easy adjustment of the size of the rope by sliding it in the handles,
  • Improves your footwork and coordination
  • Complete training
  • Ideal for aerobic exercise
  • Calories burned indication

What exercises can you do with a jump rope?

To make skipping rope:

  1. Stand up straight with the rope on the ground.
  2. Bend the knees slightly and bring the feet together.
  3. Contract your abdominal muscles and keep your back straight.
  4. Jump over the rope with both feet.

Variant : Raise your legs high during the jumps

Variant : Lift only one knee per jump and alternate with each jump.

Nothing beats a fit body!

Our fitness accessories have been developed with the greatest care to guarantee you a perfect workout!

So your training will pay you even more. 

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