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I-shape push-up home fitness bar

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Would you like to have a dream body?

Our Fitness bar allows you to refine and perfectly sculpt your silhouette, it makes your body more active by transforming the fat mass to muscle mass.

It requires the whole body to work, it is the most complete fitness device you can afford because it allows to burn a maximum of calories and of effectively lose belly since you are working on the abdominals.

Our Fitness bar is a practical device and takes up less space than a weight machine.


The silhouette you always dreamed of having is now possible thanks to our Fitness bar

The Fitness bar is the best device for health and personal training thanks to its many benefits.

This device allows you to maintain your shape, to spare you from any kind of complex on the body, to burn any fat mass that hinders, to develop your abs and, for the ladies, it allows to strengthen your thighs and shape your chest. Ultimately, you will get a more harmonious silhouette.        

It works both the muscles of the upper body (biceps, deltoids, shoulders, lumbar, abdominal muscles) and those of the lower body (glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves). It also strengthens the heart and thus increases physical endurance.

Beneficial for the health of your body, non-traumatic for the joints, it is the ideal device to make your muscles vigorous, to refine your silhouette, to slim down or to develop a good physical condition.

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