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Multifunctional Folding Trouser Rack

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In addition to preventing pants do not wrinkle, the door-trousers frees up space that you can use to store other clothes. This accessory allows you to organize your storage spaces and not to mix up your things.

The pants rack is a storage accessory that can be found in the dressing room or in a cupboard. It allows you to hang pants and have well-organized storage spaces.

Thanks to it, you can store your pants without having to stack them. Hanging them wrinkles less, and you often don't need to iron them.

This accessory allows you to organize your storage spaces and not to mix up your things. The trouser rack can be placed anywhere, as long as the rails are laid.

It is a very simple accessory to install and maintain. Indeed, a simple wipe of a sponge soaked in soapy water is enough. It can effectively prevent the pants from slipping due to gravity. This will help you hang up or take off your pants more easily.

All clothing is suitable: compatible with all kinds of clothing. Very suitable for hanging jeans, pants, trousers, ties, scarves, etc. This makes it compact and organized.


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