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Flexible phone holder

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  • Allows the phones to be raised for better ergonomics
  • Made from one piece of metal with a black finish; acts as a heat sink to absorb heat and cool your cellphone or tablets
  • Cable organizer keeps your keyboard and mouse cables neatly organized
  • Tilt forward for easier viewing and better airflow
  • Compatible with phones and tablets

 Combining ergonomic comfort for you with improved airflow and heat reduction for your mobile phone, this stand can enhance your workstation with ease and efficiency.

 Ergonomic design for optimal comfort

 Phone users often spend too much time leaning forward, staring down at their screens, which can cause strain and strain on the body. This adjustable stand offers an easy solution. It raises your phone screen 6 inches to bring the screen to eye level.

The stand also allows the phone to tilt the phone forward slightly, bringing the screen closer for easier and more comfortable viewing.

Heat control

Made from a single piece of metal, the sleek and sturdy stand helps keep phones from heating up. The forward tilt of the holder improves air circulation around the mobile phone while its flat metal panel absorbs and transports heat away from your mobile

The tilt and metal surface of the stand both help prevent unwanted hot phone issues (reduced performance, system malfunctions and crashes, overheating or general heat fatigue) that can permanently damage your equipment.

Sleek and practical design

With its elegant profile and anodized finish, the adjustable stand coordinates perfectly with Apple notebooks and other accessories such as the Apple iMac or Apple Cinema Display.

For optimal functionality, a cable routing hole in the back of the stand accommodates cables to minimize clutter while the space below the stand accommodates a keyboard or other essential equipment, freeing up space on the desk for optimal storage.

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