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Keep your baby safe

Our baby carrier consists of carrying your child against you rather than placing them in a stroller. It is a simple and comfortable accessory that promotes your child's development, it also frees your hands for certain activities, while continuing to meet your child's needs.

Researchers have also found that being carried reduced involuntary movements and heart rate in children.


  • Facilitates digestion: Because the baby is placed in an upright position, it promotes burping, prevents reflux and reduces colic
  • Facilitates the formation of the bond of attachment: Loving looks and gestures while carrying your baby are said to stimulate the production of oxytocin, a hormone that contributes to attachment. Plus, it helps parents respond to baby's needs faster, which is also good for attachment.
  • Comfort the baby: It ensures greater closeness between parent and baby. He can thus hear the voice of his mother or father. In addition, when the child is carried, he is exposed to a constant rhythmic movement and he is in physical contact with his parent. It therefore has a calming effect on babies, and it gives them a feeling of security. Hence, it can reduce crying and restlessness
  • Stimulates cognitive development: Being close to the parent while carrying increases the baby's level of attention and encourages him to explore. When the baby is carried, his vision is at the level of the parent's face. He thus witnesses his activities, and this gives him multiple sensory stimuli. This is what would promote his cognitive development and motor skills
  • Promotes sleep: Proximity to the parent while carrying your baby would act as a barrier against outside stimulation. This would help the baby to better control his nervous system and therefore help sleep.

  • Ensures adequate development of joints and muscles: It allows a good positioning of the hips, which favors their development. Crops that carry their babies a lot have a very low rate of hip malformation.
  • Our baby carrier also contributes to the development of neck and back muscles as well as to the development of the sense of balance. Finally, as babies who are carried spend less time in a seat or lying on their back, Our bevel decreases the risk of developing a flat head.


  • Material: 100% polyester with high quality foam padding.
  • Maximum load capacity: 16kg Suitable for transporting babies from 0 to 24 months 
  • Load bearing: 18 kg
  • Carrier type: face to face, front and back port
  • Quick strap adjustment capability, strong and adjustable shoulder straps
  • 4 transport position modes

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