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Utensil holder spatula holder

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Your kitchen deserves the best!

This utensil rack is awesome, you will love it!

Our utensil rack is the ideal and efficient kitchen tool that allows you to easily organize spatulas, tongs, ladles and cutlery in one place while cooking. Its special feature is the integrated base with a raised edge which can prevent water, sauces and oil stains from flowing to the counter and making the kitchen dirty.

It prevents drips from staining your kitchen counters and tiles and helps keep your kitchen organized and clean every day.

A real must-have for you!

This silicone utensil holder is perfect. You can rest multiple tools on it while cooking, it handles multiple sizes, keeps the countertop neat and tidy. It can handle hot tools because it is silicone.

Be the next to share your unforgettable experience with our utensil holders!

Characteristics :

  • Materials: It is made of a blend of two safe materials, food grade silicone and polyphthaloyl (PP) plastic.
  • Specifications: The base of the spatula holder measures 14cm x 2.3cm long, 12.7cm x 1.5cm wide, and the plywood compartment is 5.0cm high and the width between the compartments is 1.3 cm.
  • Strong Fixing Performance: It is an elongated and thick version, and the dishes can be placed stably on the spoon holder without tipping over.
  • Easy to clean: It is made of a mixture of silicone and plastic, soft and non-sticky, which can effectively prevent oil stains from polluting the kitchen.
  • Small footprint: It is small in size and equipped with hanging ears. It can be placed in a storage cabinet for dishes or hung on the wall                                                  

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