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Abdominal Slimming Belt

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To lose the excess fat accumulated in the belly, men and women have always sought and applied different solutions. It is to help them in their quest for the ideal physique that we have designed our slimming belts.

A flat, muscular stomach

The electrical stimulation of the slimming belt will induce the abdominal muscles in a movement of contact and relaxation. A half hour session with the belt will give the same effects as an abdominal workout, but without the pain.

Combining the use of the belt with regular exercise will give you quick results. After 3 months of regular use, your belly will be firmer, more beautiful and will decrease in fat.

In addition to shedding belly fat, it strengthens the abdominals to provide the user with chocolate bars just like in a regular muscle session. Several competing brands offer different models of all-day wearable belts for more efficiency. Professionals and sports enthusiasts and those who just want to achieve a flat stomach can use it.

Neoprene fabric, comfortable to wear when you workout, can make you sweat and keep your abdomen warm. Soft against the skin, non-slip neoprene for exceptional support throughout any activity.

With adjustable and detachable tightness, the high waist design aims to provide target compression that you can slim your waist and thigh, lift your hips at the same time. It features a removable wrap-around waist strap, provides strong, easy-to-use compression support.


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