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Oil and sawdust on canvas

48 x 48


A rugged seascape is depicted, with choppy turquoise waters and jagged rock formations rising from the sea. The skyline is tinged with a warm glow, possibly indicating a setting or rising sun casting a soft light over the water and rocks. A man's face looks down from above.

Pareidolia refers to perceiving shapes or images, especially human forms, in random or accidental arrangements of objects, shapes, or lines. In other words, it refers to the phenomenon of finding human figures and faces where there aren't any. The humanoid rock columns are an homage to Alberto Giacometti's sculptures of the human form. Giacometti makes a cameo appearance in the upper left corner. I experimented with mixing sawdust with oil paint to give the work interesting texture and depth. I am very happy with the result.

Pareidolic Beach

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