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Oil on canvas

72 x 25


A surreal landscape portrays a hare as an armored knight astride a snail with a human head in a barren field leading towards a distant sunset. An unusual, elongated tree with red foliage appears to be walking on its roots towards the horizon.

This painting was inspired by a weird bit of marginalia I discovered in a medieval manuscript on the Internet. The painting also contains a quote from a work by the dystopian surrealist painter Zdzisław Beksiński. In addition, I experimented with perspective and glazing. It's a big, bold, dramatic piece!

Rabbit Hole

  • Purchased works may be returned within 14 days of delivery or pick-up for a refund 90% of the purchase price. Buyer pays all return shipping and handling.

  • Purchased works can be picked up whenever possible in Boston or Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Works can be delivered to locations within 150 miles of Boston for a flat $125 charge. Otherwise, works will be shipped at an additional expense, which will be determined by the shipper.

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